Monday, June 16, 2008

So This Is It

Some days you wonder so this is what my life is.

Now I am an educated individual. I hold a law degree and licenses which would allow me to give you financial advice. I wouldn't recommend taking legal or financial advice from me at the present. But hypothetically you could do so.

But today I have spent all morning spouting such phrases as "Eat your bagel." "Where are your pants?" "Go find your shirt." "Don't hit the cat." And the bagel was not eaten. The pants were not found for a while. The shirt was worn as a hat. But luckily the cat was not hit.

Yeah this is it. But its still better than my old job.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Hello Renee... I watched you go to China and it was amazing.. I would wait for updates.. and then today I found your blog..I am sooo happy...
You inspired me on your trip.. we are currently waiting for our Isabella , we have a LID 4/28/o7... My prediction is we will travel in 2010.. LONG time.. especially from what they had told us.. but I guess Good things come to those who wait..
Have a Great Week..
I will be checking in now.
I can't believe how much "bunny" has grown.. Love your blog.. I was reading back in post..
She is beautiful..

EatPlayLove said...

I know how exactly how you feel. It's a wonderful thing isn't it?

anymommy said...

Me too. I am shocked every day at how much I enjoy this mommy job I've taken on. I get tired and grumpy, but I don't miss the old job a bit!