Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cage Match

Lately it seems like Bunny and Tabasco, our boy cat, are interested in joining the Mixed Martial Arts league. Well it seems that Bunny is more interested and Tabasco is her chosen sparring partner.

It all starts out innocently enough. She wants to pet the cat. Most of the time he lets her but sometimes he doesn't. After petting, she will grab his tail, paw, face or hit him with some nearby object. Why? Because she's two, because she wants to, because he looked at her funny. Who knows. But this behavior has been the cause of 90% of her time outs.

Now Tabasco is no kung fu kitty but he could defend himself if he really wanted to. You see he has claws. One swipe of his claws on her hand and Bunny would leave him alone. But he's a lover not a fighter so he just sits there and takes it or else runs away.

But yesterday he exacted his revenge. Bunny was eating a saltine cracker in the living room. Well Tabasco has this thing with salty snacks. If you are sitting down on the couch while eating it, he will climb all over you to get at it. He will literally sit on your chest and try to grab it out of your mouth.

Poor Bunny was unaware of this when she was eating her cracker. Because she is closer to his level, Tabasco was all over her. Jumping up and trying to swat at the cracker. Well this freaked the shit out of Bunny. She was screaming no over and over again. Finally she ran to me for help. Since I was in the bathroom brushing my hair at the time, she ran in and we closed the door, foiling Tabasco's efforts.

When she finished her cracker and we left the safety of the bathroom, she just stared at the cat and yelled "Tabasco no!" She's been giving him sideways glances ever since, like she doesn't really trust him anymore.

Will this stop her from hitting him? Probably not but now she knows he can get her back.

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