Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day, I am turning over the posting duties to Bunny's wonderful dad (and my hubby) Bubs. Now I have no idea what he is going to say. I'll be reading it along with all of you. But if the post is about poker or fantasy baseball, its not my fault.

But before we get to Bubs, I wanted to give a shout out to my dad (Baca as he is known on these pages). My dad is amazing. He has been writing me letters every week for at least 4 years. These letters are an insight into his life, he shares stories about his life, his job and even his golf game. He also shares poetry and thoughts about how we can be more present in our lives. I really cherish these letters. And lately he's been stopping by the house in the morning with scones and coffee for me. Awesome. And though I know he really wants to see Bunny, it makes me feel special too.

So thank you Dad for everything.

Now on to Bubs:

((Tap, tap, tap)) Is this thing on??

I'm honored to be able to add to this colorful, humorous post for one day. On this, my second Father's Day, I will try to live up to the blog's high reputation, with a salute to those in my life who have meant so much to me and my family in arriving at this day.

For me, Father's Day doesn't happen without my grandparents. To my two grandfathers, one who I never met and one who I was too young to remember now, you supported my parents' families like cement in a home's foundation. To my two grandmothers, both of whom have now passed away, you were friends and counselors to me even when my behavior and lack of appreciation would dictate I didn't warrant it. Grandma L, you were at once a source of stability for me growing up and one of the funniest ladies I ever knew. Grandma R, you went through unimaginable struggles to get here and giving the euology at your funeral remains one of my most honored days.

For me, Father's Day doesn't happen without my parents. To my mom, you have been endlessly creative, warm, energetic, loving, and patient. PB&J crusts were always cut off, skinned knees were always Bactine'd and Smurf's Bandaid'd, homework was always helped with, and sad heads were always lifted gently by the chin with a kiss and a guarantee that things would get better. To my dad, you alone, it seems, understood my humor. Mostly because my humor is a direct reflection of your humor. Of all the people to have ever laughed at one of my jokes (18 people total, I think), your laughter has always meant the most to me. Dad, you raised a son conscious of doing the right thing, of following the rules, of being compassionate to others, of being understanding and accepting of others' faults as part of their unique personality. 2 grown kids experienced a stern, strict upbringing and then, upon growing into adults, the love that only a father can provide. 4 grandkids are blessed with a playmate, teacher, nap bus driver, and always-ready book-reading lap. All 6 of us are as lucky as can be. Read the newspaper every day and you'll see stories of dads who abuse their kids, abandon their kids, ignore their kids. How lucky we are that we have enjoyed the exact opposite. Happy Father's Day.

For me, Father's Day doesn't happen without my parents-in-law. You have treated me as part of your family since day 1. You accept my faults (many) as you'd accept the faults of one of your own children. You have supported our family and stood by us in good times and in bad. Thanks for everything you are to me, my wife, and our daughter.

For me, Father's Day doesn't happen without my wife. I can't begin to express how lucky I am to have you in my life. 12 years ago we met over chili. Now on chilly nights there's no one else's arms I'd rather be wrapped in. You are the most amazing mother. Bunny will one day realize how lucky she is. I have had many people I have called "best friends" in my life. Not only are you my true best friend, you are the better half of my soul. Thank you for all your love, trust, and support. From boo to doll face, thanks for making this Father's Day possible.

And finally, for me Father's Day doesn't happen without someone to be a father to. That would be my miracle angel, Bunny. 19 months ago doll face and I traveled half-way around the world to meet the little girl who's picture we had first seen 2 months earlier. How easy it was to fall in love with a little face in a picture!! But after that first introduction, we were hooked...even though you didn't know who we were or that we even existed. But you received our care package, and we forged a connection, with a promise that we would be coming to bring you to your new home. When we first held you in our arms, my thoughts were drawn to your birth parents, who had the courage and honor, even though they thought they couldn't care for you, to leave you somewhere they knew you'd find a new home. My thoughts were then drawn to your foster family and nanny who cared for you like their own for 9 months. And at that moment, we were all one big extended family. Though we will never meet them, doll face and I will always say a prayer of gratitude and peace for them. And then we got home and started our lives together, as a family, doll face, Bunny, and me. Life changed in that 2 month period. Nothing will ever be the same again. I hold you tight, Bunny, stroke your hair, kiss your cheeks, and cannot imagine loving anyone more. Daddy will always be there for you. Father's Day is just another day without you. Thanks for making this day special.


reneedesigns said...

Sob, sniffle. Thanks Bubs

MamaCarter said...

I'm so glad I threw that chili party. Sniffle. I'm all verklempt here.

lmaaafish5 said...

Scottie, you made me cry..not allowed. I was going to call you to tell you about the tears running down my face but then I remember that I can't call you at 10pm or the little muchkin Fensin will be woken up..we can't have that. I love you all!!!