Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Last night I was on the computer while Bubs was giving Bunny a bath. I hear Bubs yelling to me from the other room. Now we've discussed my annoyance with this habit but I gave him a pass because Bunny was in the bath. That was until I heard what he had to say.

You see he called me in to tell me that he and his friend Martin were going to see Rush at Summerfest on Friday. Okay now I'm pissed off. He told me, he didn't ask if he could go (Mr. I've played golf the past two Fridays). He didn't sit down over dinner or after Bunny went to bed to tell me. No,he summoned me into another room to tell me. Could he have told me in a more annoying way? I don't think so.

Now I don't like Rush. I never have, I never will (ok I like Tom Sawyer but that's it). I just don't "get it". So I'm glad he has a friend that will go to the concert with him because I wouldn't (I have actually seen them in concert but it was college so my memory is a bit hazy).

But I do like Summerfest. What's not to like? Beer, music on 5 different stages, beer, food, beer and people watching (oh man the people watching is great, especially while drinking beer). And I want to go, just not to see Rush. Now there are 10 other nights we could go (if we arrange babysitting) but that's not really the point is it? No its not.

So there it is. I'm jealous and a bit pissed off. I'm plotting some revenge. What would you do?

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MamaCarter said...

I'd get tickets to see Cheap F*cking Trick and go without him, man. heh.