Thursday, June 12, 2008

Car Troubles - Hooptie or Bust

So it would seem that only having one car seat in a two car family has come back to bite us on the preverbial a$$.

Yesterday we were driving around with Bunny minding our own business, when weird noises started coming out of the back of the Pathfinder (yes I drive an SUV - don't hate me please). We stopped to check it out and it turns out the muffler is loose. Its swinging around and bouncing up and down.

So of course its only a matter of time before the muffler breaks free and either drags on the ground or drops off altogether. Now of course both are attractive options and will classify the otherwise good truck as a hooptie. Classy.

So we need to get it fixed, sooner rather than later. Even if we could transfer the car seat from my car to Bubs', he has meetings out of the office today and a turf managment study (golf) tomorrow. So Bunny and I would be stuck without a car.

The other option is to drive to our mechanic, take out the stroller and walk back. This is doable, its only about a mile and a half. But its supposed to rain today and tomorrow so with my luck we'd get rained on. And of course the mechanic isn't opened on Saturdays or Sundays.

So I guess its hooptie or bust this weekend.


Black Hockey Jesus said...

O my your main picture is adorable. Perfect.

MamaCarter said...

wait, isn't hooptie one of the categories in state fair bingo? right up there with a mullet on a baby and a pregnant woman drinking beer? suhweet.