Monday, May 17, 2010

Perfect Day

Did you ever have a perfect day? Did you ever have a day that you want to remember forever?

I had one of those days yesterday. It was a day so simple but so perfect that I want to keep it in a treasure chest in my mind so I can pull it out on those not so perfect days.

First a picnic at the beach.

Then a trip to Discovery World museum to see the aquarium and the tall ship.

Finally a hike at Lakeshore State Park to see what is truly beautiful about my city.

All of this and the opportunity to spend the day with my favorite people in the world. Perfect.

Friday, May 14, 2010

WAIT is a Four Letter Word


Wait a minute. Wait a little while. Wait.

Friday in Ethiopia came and went. A decision was made. Or maybe it wasn't. We don't know. There was no communication from the Ethiopia staff.

So we wait. Wait again. Wait until Monday.


Thursday, May 13, 2010


Friday has always been one of my favorite days. Its an ending and a beginning all in one. Its something to look forward to. Its a mantra to get you through the week. "If I can only make it until Friday."

This week the anticipation of Friday takes on a whole new meaning. We are not just waiting for the end of a work week. We are waiting for the end of waiting, the end of the unknown. Its not just the beginning of the weekend, it is the day we find out the next step in our journey.

If only I can make it until Friday.

On Friday, the ministry in Ethiopia will make a decision on our case. They will decide if the copied documents are enough to proceed or if they need to have the new originals which are in transit. Friday could mean we will get to travel soon. Friday could also mean we might have to wait a little longer. But on Friday a decision will be made. We will know our fate.

If only I can make it until Friday.

Friday in Ethiopia is tonight here. Its only hours away.

If only I can make it until Friday.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'll admit it, silence kind of scares me. Silence is big and empty. It makes me feel alone.

I've always liked noise, not volume but noise. Voices talking, music, the humming of appliances are soothing sounds for me. Noise isn't distracting to me, instead it helps me focus.

When I lived alone, I always had noise. The television and the radio were my friends. I would turn them on when I got home and go about my business. I even studied with noise in the background.

These days, I have a constant soundtrack playing in my house. It is what happens when you live with a four year old. Constant questions, talking at the speed of light.

But my favorite tracks in the soundtrack are those that play in the quiet times, the times when she is not engaging me.

As she sits at her table to draw, she hums or sings quietly to herself. Twinkle, Twinkle. The Wheels on the Bus. Bingo. Melodies of her own invention.

As she plays with her horses, or lizards, or birds, or dinosaurs, she will narrate the action. "No baby lizard, don't go over there. Stay here with your mama." "Machine, you should go get some food for your babies, they are hungry." "Run the big T-Rex is coming. He's gonna eat you."

These are the sounds of Bunny at play. These are the sounds that soothe me.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Some Days

I love Sundays. I look forward to them all week. Sundays are family day. The one day when all three of us spend time together for the whole day.

Monday through Friday are pretty much Mommy time.

Saturday is Daddy and Bunny day. They spend part of the day doing something together, just the two of them.

But Sunday is family day, my favorite day with my favorite people. We go to the museum, the aquarium, hiking at the nature center or the zoo. Yesterday was zoo day.

It should have been perfect. The weather was warm, the skies were sunny. The zoo was filled with Bunny's favorite things, animals. It should have been perfect, but it wasn't.

This Sunday our family failed. We failed as individuals and as a group.

Someone failed to listen.

Someone raised their voice a bit too much.

Someone ran.

Someone was blatantly naughty.

Someone was short with the others.

Someone talked back.

Someone was frustrated and wanted to run away.

It was not the proudest moment for our family.

But as we drove home last night from dinner at grandma and grandpa's house, I made us all promise that Monday would be different. Monday we would try harder. Monday we would be better. Monday we would love each other a little bit more.

Monday we will try again.