Sunday, January 13, 2013


Sunday is family day.  It is the one day a week that we all spend together, no matter what.  Usually we do something, a visit to the museum or the zoo.  Sometimes we do nothing.  We hang out at home playing games, making crafts or whatever.  It doesn't matter what as long as we are together.

Today the plan is to go ice skating at the Pettit Center.  It will be a fun experiment.  The kids have never skated and I haven't hit the ice in, well I'm not quite sure when it was.

Afternoon trips are tricky.  Lion still naps.  He needs it.  Without a nap, we don't know what child we will have.  It could be nice Lion, fun Lion or crazy Lion.  So he naps and we wait.

Bunny and I snuggled down on the couch, me with my laptop and her with my phone.  We sit side by side engrossed in our own little media worlds.  I show her pictures of family and friends from Facebook.  She reads over my shoulder, carefully sounding out each word.  She shows me the contraptions she is building on Bad Piggies.  We laugh and giggle when it falls apart and cheer when it makes it through.

Frink comes in carrying a tired Lion.  He can't sleep laying down, the cough he's been battling won't allow it.  Frink settles in on the couch next to us with Lion.  Finger in mouth and more comfortable in an upright position, Lion drifts off.

The four of us together on our big red couch.  It's what family day is all about.