Saturday, June 14, 2008

Honey You're Yelling at the TV Again

Let's get this out there: Bunny watches TV. Oh the horrors!

She doesn't watch it all the time but there are three shows that she likes, Little Einsteins, Word World and Ni Hao Kai-Lan. All of them are educational and she enjoys them.

But because she watches them, I watch them too. And I apparently have some issues with them. Well really just with Little Einsteins. The premise is 4 little kids fly around in their rocket ship having adventures.

My first problem is where are their parents? I mean they are flying all over the world and sometimes outerspace and they never have to call home or worry about making dinner. Curious. They spent Christmas at Rocket's house and then went to Mount Everest looking for a present. Where are your parents kids? Why isn't anyone looking for you? Do we need to call Child Protective Services? Okay, maybe they are just imaginary adventures, but still.

Another problem is their approach to problem solving. Take for example the episode where they are visiting a mother cello whose babies are about to hatch (out of little cello cases). Okay. The nest was built right on the river (which isn't a good place for a nest) and one of the cases is washed into the river. The kids hop in to Rocket to rescue the baby cello. When they get him, rather than taking him directly back to his mother, they let the baby cello walk around Italy looking for his mother. Not very responsible. The kids know where mommy cello is and the baby doesn't even know what his mother looks like. He confuses a kid, a giraffe, a plate of pasta and a bridge for his mother. But they mindlessly follow the cello where ever he goes. Really?

Then there is Big Jet. Big Jet is a blue plane that is always causing trouble for Rocket and the kids. He steals stuff, he breaks stuff and is generally bad news. Now Rocket is a rocket ship, he should have phasers and lasers and other weapons. I'm waiting for the day that Rocket just gets fed up with Big Jet and just blasts him with his big guns. But alas, I know that will never happen.

After reading this, Bubs reminded me of yet another problem I have with this show. Rather than flying to the top of a mountain, Rocket will transform and climb the mountain on treads. Have to cross an ocean? Do you fly over it? No, you transform into a boat or submarine. Are their train tracks? Let's stop flying and turn into a train, that's much faster. You have a rocket ship, you should be flying everywhere. Its called the path of least resistance people.

Okay I know its just kids' TV and I should just chill out. Apparently, logic and the rules of physics don't apply here. But it still bugs me.

But you know what doesn't bug me? Lulu the Rhino from Ni Hao Kai-lan. She's a pink rhino that flys around with the help of a red balloon tied to her horn. That I can buy.

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