Friday, June 20, 2008

Search for Identity

Identity: the distinguishing character or personality of an individual

So I was looking at my profile and it doesn't really seem to fit me any more. I call myself a jewelry designer. I even have a store where I sell my jewelry. But I haven't sold anything in like 6 months or added anything new to the store. I haven't had a piece in any brick and mortar stores in longer than that. And everything I make I just end up keeping for myself.

When I decided to stay home I said I was going to make a go of this jewelry thing but it hasn't happened. So I don't think I can really call myself a jewelry designer anymore.

So what do I call myself? I'm a blogger, but so are 500 million other people. And only 20 people seem to be reading this and no one really comments so I really can't call myself a blogger.

I could say I'm working on a novel. But then again isn't everyone who blogs? And given my readership do you really think anyone would read a book about a stay at home mom turned zombie fighter? Probably not.

I'd love to say I was a trapeeze artist or something cool like that. But circuses kind of creep me out and I'm afraid of heights. So no.

So it seems I am in flux right now. I don't have anything to put on my profile or on a business card (but maybe I shouldn't have a business card because whenever I get one, I leave my job within 6 months).

Since I am out of ideas, I've decided to run a contest. Whoever can pick out the coolest identity for me will win a pair of earrings from my store. It doesn't have to be realistic. It just has to sound cool on a profile or on a business card.

I'll keep the comments open for a week and the winner will be announced next Friday.

Author's note In honor of the contest I will actually be adding new earrings to the store.


Gypsy Guru said...

As a "sometimes" writer myself, one who happens to have a Bachelor's in Creative Writing (from CU Boulder, because I know you wanted to know), I always liked "Certified Fabricator" as a business card title.

Since it usually applies to people who build stuff, I found it hilarious in that geekliy funny way one finds things that they come up with "all on their own" funny.

Plus, I've never gotten around to using in the last eleven years, so have at it!

Feener said...

I decided recently that I am a momanger, I manage the children and all their needs. Once daddy comes home he ruins the system and the kids are all OFF. I manage them. I am a momanger ???

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

I really can't tell you a name..
Because I am trying to think of one that includes,
So if I take the first letter from every word and make some words..
it would be
Mom Can Do Anything...
Have a Great Day..

Michele P. said...

Inspired Mum- Inspired by design in your jewelry business, Inspired by everyday events enough to blog them to the cyberworld, Inspired by thoughts that you put into words as you write your novel, and of course mum...because you are a mommy! I put mum, because my 6 yr old still calls me mummy-and boy, some days I feel as old as a mummy! Good luck in finding your identity!

anymommy said...

Professional chronicler??

But, hey, if you blog and no one comments, you're still a blogger. At least, that's my theory!

And, you know, there's that whole mom thing. That's pretty darn important too.

reneedesigns said...

These are all good. But keep the ideas coming because there are only 4 more days in the contest.

I will also accept "non-realistic" answers like super model / spy or peachy keen dancer.

The key is it's got to be catchy and look good on a profile and business card.

MamaCarter said...

how about Executive Vice President of Domestic Affairs. sounds kickass to me!

Melody said...

Um, I like "CEO of [your last name] Enterprises".

I've often gone with "Chief Cook and Bottle Washer", but that doesn't really cover it all...

"President of the (United) State of [xxxx]"

Family Manager (like City Manager)
Director of Domestic Policy

Ooh, this is fun! I have to stop before I spend all day doing this!!

I may have to use some of these myself!! lol!

Natalie said...

wow! those are some good ones.

i would have to say if i was designing your business card i would call you

Momster Hug Giver

keeper of the keys

taster, tester, trier, tender, trainer, teacher, tracker, topless dancer.

Manager Mom said...

Screw labels. You are what you want to make of yourself. You are what you DO! And it doesn't matter how infrequently. You are a writer. You are a blogger. You are a jewelery designer. You can be all of those, or none of them in a single day. Why limit yourself to words on a card? I say, put your name, email, address, and URL. And hand them out with the confidence that you require no explanation.:-)