Thursday, June 5, 2008

Music Appreciation

Bunny likes music. Real music, not the made for toddlers junk, but real music.

I always have the radio on in the car and she has definite opinions about the music she hears. Songs that are slow are deamed "sad songs" and she does not like them at all. When she hears a song she likes, she says "I love that song."

Yesterday she deemed Sara Barellies sad, but said she loved Jewel, interesting. Crossroads by Cream produces head bobbing in the background. REM and U2 are acceptable. Coldplay and Snow Patrol, not so lucky. No Doubt induces dancing. The key it seems is a good beat that you can shake your stuff to.

So given these musical tastes, I put together a little mix for Bunny on my i-pod. We tried it out yesterday with great results. Every so often when a new song came on, she stopped what she was doing, ran to the middle of the carpet and started to dance. She'd scream, "Dance, Mommy, Dance." So I danced.

We danced together in the middle of the living room, right in front of the window, not caring who saw. We danced for the sheer joy of it. And it was beautiful.

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stephanie (bad mom) said...

Isn't it fantastic when our kids really get into the real music? I routinely quiz mine (9 and almost 8) when classic rock songs come on the radio; they're getting good!

We need to get back to dancing wildly this summer, I think.