Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jive Turkey

So Bunny has this book "Blue Hat Green Hat" by Sandra Boynton. In it various animals wear articles of clothing in different colors. So you may have a bear in a blue hat and an elephant in a green hat. Simple enough. It is meant to illustrate color and help identify articles of clothing and where you wear them.

The animals wear the clothing properly but a poor silly turkey cannot figure out how to wear it. He will wear socks on his hands and hats on his feet. Under his picture is always the word oops.

Bunny likes this book. She loves to say "Elephants don't wear socks. That's so silly." She has also become able to identify the and say the letters in oops "O - O - P - S" I'd like to say she can spell but when asked she doesn't know what the letters stand for. But hey we are getting there.

My problem with this book lies with the poor turkey. I think he is setting a bad example for Bunny. Now some of you may be familiar with Bunny's clothing issues but I am beginning to think this turkey is a cause or at least a symptom of some of our more recent issues.

When I tell Bunny to get her clothes on, when she eventually gets around to it plays games with her clothes. She will stick both legs through one pant leg and try to walk around. She will try to stick her head through the arm holes of her shirt. She will then turn to you with a smile and say "is this right?" No its not. Its cute the first 5 times, after that not so much.

Yesterday, she pulled out the Blue Hat Green Hat book when she was getting dressed. She turned to the page where the turkey was wearing the shirt as pants and put her legs through the neck hole of her shirt. "Just like Bunny" she laughed. Then she turned to the page where the turkey was wearing pants as a hat and did the same. Of course she near about fell over laughing when she compared herself to the turkey.

First TV, now I have issues with books? Sigh.

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Manager Mom said...

Oh.... the clothing issues NEVER CEASE, my friend. I wish I could tell you otherwise. At least your young 'un is still young and small enough for you to physically overpower her and eventually get her dressed.

my 7 year old daughter has a closetful of adorable clothes and what does she wear EVERY SINGLE DAY?

A pair of grey sweatshorts that make her look like an inmate in juvenile detention.

My 5 year old son? What is his daily favorite? A madras t-shirt in cornea-searing shades or orange, blue, red, and purple.

I've tried the "they're in the dirty laundry" excuse and all that does is prompt a meltdown.