Friday, June 6, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For - A Cautionary Tale

The internet is a powerful force. It is a fountain of information, both useful and not. It contains wonderful sites that enable you to waste an entire day with out accomplishing anything useful. (hello You Tube!) It allows people like myself to publish randomness to thousands of readers. Okay maybe not thousands, more like dozens. Ok 5 (hi Mom!).

But did you know that the internet also has the power to make your wishes come true. It does. Or at least it did in my case.

Here is my story. Last October when I was still an employed worker bee, I posted on a message board I frequent that I was going to quit my job at the end of the year. It was part venting about how much I disliked my job, and part wishful thinking.

Well three weeks to the day that I sent that thought out into the wilds of the internet, my wish was granted. Against my will. You see my boss decided to "restructure" our office and let everyone go. Man was I mad. How dare he! I was going to quit! I wanted that satisfaction. But no.

I went back into my office and asked the internet how it could do this to me. The internet just laughed and laughed. "You got what you wanted sister. You would never have had the guts to do it on your own. So I made it happen. How do you like me now? What?"

Well truth be told, I did not like the internet one bit at that point. But I really couldn't be mad at it for too long. There was another new video on You Tube I had to check out, so we made up.

But I began to wonder, is the internet really all powerful? It made one dream happen, could it make another? So I cautiously posted another dream, "I want to win $1,000,000." I didn't want to go overboard, $1,000,000 was a reasonable number. I waited and waited. I checked the mail every day, no one sent me money. Publisher's Clearing House never rang my doorbell.

So I angrily asked the internet "What's up with that? Where's my $1,000,000?"

"Stupid girl. That's not how I roll. Now shut up and check your Myspace page, you have three new friend requests."

So I did, and my crazy mixed up love affair with the internet continues.

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