Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Little Pink Houses

I've been thinking about houses a lot lately.

Primarily because I would like to move out of the CrapShack we are currently living in. Lets just say that 9+ inches of rain in June and a leaky basement do not mix. But fingers crossed we will have that repaired by July (hopefully).

But also because Bunny has reached the stage where she is ready for a playhouse. She has an imaginary house which lives behind the curtains in our bedroom, in her room or well behind any curtain. I also built her a house out of cardboard blocks which is large enough for her to sit in. It also has windows for the animals from the Little People Zoo and Farm to look out of. She loves this house. And she also loves knocking it down with her hands, shopping cart, bus etc. and asking me to rebuild.

I'm kind of getting tired of constantly remodeling her house (when I'd rather be remodling the CrapShack). So I am considering two more permanent options for her. The first is a curtain house in her room. Her room has a cubby (large enough for a desk later) which has a lower ceiling than the rest of the room. I plan to hang a curtain across it, put some blankets and pillows down and let it be her little house. I think she'd love it.

I am also considering buying her an outdoor playhouse. I'd love to buy one of these beauties. But I really can't justify anything nicer than the CrapShack because she may never want to come inside. So most likely it will be one of those molded plastic type things that can survive a nuculear bomb. So I'll be on the lookout for one at yard sales this summer.

But maybe we could solve all our problems and just move the whole family into this. What? It could work.

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