Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Zoo Day, Hooray

Today Bunny and I are going to the zoo. We will meet up with her aunt and 2 cousins. Bunny loves going to the zoo and hanging out with her cousins so it will be a big day for her.

We have a zoo pass which means we can go to the zoo for free. Since the beginning of the year, we've gone at least 25 times. Its our default activity. And its also pretty cool.

My favorite thing to see at the zoo is the baby orangutan, Mahal. Its amazing how much he looks like and acts like a real baby (just ask baby on bored or see above.) There are always huge crowds around his enclosure. Some there just to see him.

When I found out his story, I realized how important he really is (you can read it here, here and here.) He was rejected by his birth parents, one surrogate mom died and he was rejected by another. He came to our zoo to be with a new surrogate. His story mirrors what a lot of human kids have had to go through. And he's also become sort of an ambassador for the endangered orangutans.

So I hope you read his story and learn a little more about him and his species. (Gets off soapbox) But if you just want to look at a really cute baby, you can just watch his webcam.

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