Thursday, July 3, 2008

Anti-Icky Poo

Yesterday afternoon I thought today's blog post would be about my adventures as Gulliver in the land of Lilliput. You see I was felled by about 3700 plastic dinos who then proceeded to climb all over me for the better part of an hour. It was awesome.

But then I discovered that the cat had peed on the sofa again. And not just on the bottom part but all along the top of the sofa where you rest your head. Don't ask how I found out, I just did and it wasn't pretty. So now I have a pee ridden sofa. Part of me is pissed off yet another part is glad because I hate that ugly sofa. But all things being equal we can't afford another sofa so we have to clean it.

We busted out the Anti-Icky Poo we purchased from the Vet. They swear by it and I assume they have lots of cats peeing everywhere. It smells better than the other stuff and seems to be working. So we'll see if it happens again. I don't want to have to change the cat's name from Tabasco Kitty Pants to Sir Pees-A-Lot.

Right after we had sprayed the couch with the Anti-Icky Poo (and yes I'll probably type that a few more times because its fun to say), the power went out. It was kind of a stormy warm night so I wasn't surprised. But Bunny had just gone down in her crib when the power flashed a few times and went out. She was totally freaked out. Bubs went in to calm her down, while I looked for alternative lighting sources.

This is where I'm lucky my friend Beth sells Partylite and I buy way more candles then I need. I was able to put candles in all the rooms that needed them, so thanks Beth. But I discovered that none of our flashlights work. I had to go to the store for more or else we would have been carrying candles around like old timey folk.

When I went to the store I was again reminded that we are not on the same power grid as our neighbors across the street. They, of course, had full power. Their lights were on. Their fans and air conditioners worked. Their big screen TVs taunting me as I looked at their houses. I hated them.

Bubs and I had to sit by candlelight. We thought we were going to have to read or God forbid talk to eachother when I remembered we had a portable DVD player. We were saved. I popped in Raiders of the Lost Ark* and we marvled at the general bad-assedness of Harrison Ford until the lights went on two hours later.

So that is why I am not waxing rhapsodic about my capture by the dinos.

*I have not seen the 4th Indiana Jones movie. I love me some Indiana Jones and I want my image of him ruined by a crappy movie. If you think its worth seeing, let me know.


Manager Mom said...

Aww... you should have talked instead of the DVD. My husband and I just tried that the other night and it was really nice. :-)

MamaCarter said...

oh eeeuw. that darn cat! sorry. and um, did you shower yet?

anymommy said...

Anti-icky poo is my new favorite word.

My husband liked the newest Indiana Jones, although he said it was very sci fi compared to the others!? I haven't seen it. I see everything on DVD.

Anonymous said...

The new Idiana Jones movie could use some "anti-icky poo". It sucked! Very disappointing!