Sunday, July 27, 2008

They Say Its Your Birthday

Yesterday Bunny went to her first non-family birthday party. Her little friend Claire turned 2 and had a party at Gymboree.

It was as I thought it would be, a bunch of little kids running around like crazy not really paying attention to eachother. Except when they got in someone's way, then there was mayhem, a potential situation to defuse.

Bunny did what she always does. She hugged Claire and they ran around together for awhile. Then she found the oldest boy, he was 5, and wrapped him around her little finger. She and this boy chased each other and played together.

After she had tired of her new friend, she found Claire's grandfather who was holding her little 4 month old cousin (who is also a boy). She then started hanging out with them, fawning over the baby and showing off for grandpa. (I suspect we may have some trouble later. She likes boys and they like her back.)

All this flirting made her hungry so she was ready for dinner. They ordered pizza and had juice boxes for all the kids. Bunny was in heaven, two of her favorite things. And just when she thought it couldn't get any better, they brought out the cake which had marshmallows on it. She stood next to her chair jumping up and down clapping saying ooooh ooooh ooooh. I thought she might just explode.

After presents were opened and good byes were said, we headed to the car. I asked her if she liked the party. She said yes. Well what was your favorite part? She thought hard for a moment and answered "The cake." Well of course that was mommy's favorite too.


Jon said...

Cake is better than boys, Bunny.

Buttons and Dots Photography said...

She is so girly...and don't worry, my girls were that way when they were young too. As they grew up they weren't as into the boys. I guess they got bored with them!

A.C. said...

Sounds like she had fun!

I signed up for the Great Interview Experiment and I'm below you on the comment list, which, I think means that you are supposed to interview me. You can contact me at

I read that Bunny is obsessed with dinosaurs. Very cool...I never grew out of my obsession with them.