Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An Open Letter

Anymommy has been writing letters lately and she has inspired me to write one of my own.

Dear Makers of Anti-Icky Poo:

I have sung your praises to the heavens. Scads of people now know your product thanks to my little blog. I was wondering if I could get a little love in return.

You see my boy cat won't stop peeing in my house. In fact last night he peed right under my computer table while I was sitting there. Luckily my feet were not under the table nor will the ever be again.

So we are running low on your wonderous product. Please, oh please won't you see it in your hearts to give a girl a free sample or twelve. I promise to drop Anti-Icky Poo in my blog at least once a week. Given the rate that Sir Pees-A-Lot is going, it won't be a problem.



anymommy said...

I am also thrilled to inspire letter writing campaigns of any sort! I hope they oblige.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about what letters I can write now....not sure if the rant to the Indian boyfriend on Tuesday counted...

Anonymous said...

Just catching up with your most recent posts...

All I can say is...

ugh, Cats Who Pee!
fun, Toddlers Who Shop!
right on, Following Your Passion!
and tell it, sister on the Internet Addiction!

My name is Stacy, and I blog. ;)