Saturday, May 31, 2008


Best Friends Forever. Do you remember those days when you were sure you would be friends with Susie or Jenny forever? Ah junior high.

Well Bunny apparently has reached that stage. Everytime we are around other kids and they leave, she will turn to me and ask "Where did my best friend go?" Its so cute. She doesn't even know their name and never really played with them, but they are her best friend.

I think this stems from the fact that when I know we will be around other kids, I stress the importance of sharing with our friends. I call all little kids our friends so she doesn't freak out and try to take their toys or whatever. I have also told her that she is my best friend. So apparently she has put two and two together and all little kids are now her best friends. She has her music class best friend, her gymnastics best friend and her playdate friend (although Charlie has never been called her best friend because he is a boy).

I guess this also means I have to get her around other kids on a more regular basis so she can make more "best friends".

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