Friday, May 9, 2008

Starring Bunny as Speed Racer

It appears that Bunny is built for speed. We used to be able to take leisurely walks with Bunny and by leisurely I mean it would take 1/2 an hour to walk around the block. Bunny would stop every 100 feet or so and pick up a stick or look for bugs etc.

But now she just runs as fast as her little legs will carry her, giggling all the way. She will run until she reaches the corner and then turn and wait for you to catch up (thank goodness). She knows she can't go in to the street unless she is holding someone's hand. But once you reach the other side she starts running again.

Bubs takes her for a walk/run most nights after he gets home from work. He is a brave, brave man. When she sees a dog ahead of her, she will often chase it shouting "Wait Bunny comming, Bunny want to pet you." Now most dogs when they see a running, shouting toddler will not wait for her. They would much rather run themselves or cower in fear. But she does manage to pet her fair share.

Luckily for us, her slow footed parents, Bunny is still fascinated by bugs and sticks. So she will occasionally stop her running to pick up an especially attractive stick or to find a interesting looking bug. But most of the time, I am getting a preview of her teen years where I am several feet behind her. Although she still acknowledges my presence by yelling "Run momma, run."

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