Saturday, May 3, 2008


I admit it. I love to eavesdrop on Bunny. Its so much fun to find out how a 2 yr old mind works.

We still have our baby monitor hooked up. I generally only turn it on when we are sleeping or if I am in another part of the house (sound travels pretty well here so I know when she is crying). Mainly I am paranoid that she will try to get out of her crib, fall and hurt herself. She did it once and once was enough for me (and for her it seems).

But when she is still awake in her crib she carrys on these wonderful conversations with her stuffed animals. One day we went to the bookstore and that afternoon at naptime Panda bear also went to the bookstore. He had to find his coat and hold her hand. Stuff that I had said to her earlier. But then the 2 yr old took over, she said "that's not your coat Panda, that's a circle. No that's not it either that's a worm." Huh?

When she stayed over at my parents' house they reported her saying "I love ice cream and ketchup." Well don't we all. But too cute nonetheless.

Last night she talked for about an hour. She told her animals about our trip to a restaraunt with a playland. Then she started repeating the cats' names over and over, almost like a chant. "Basco, Basco, Basco, Basco, boo." (Tabasco) "Miss Troit, Miss Troit, Miss Troit, Miss Troit" (Detroit - yes I know its a weird name for a cat but that's her name). This chanting went on for about 5 - 10 minutes. It was almost like she was summoning them to appear before her. But they are too lazy to go up there and open the door.

I cherish these conversations and will miss them when she's 15 and yells at me for even being in the same room with her when she's on the phone.

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