Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Decoding Toddler Speak

Houston we have a problem. Or do we?

Bunny has been using the words "No problem" and "We have a big problem" a lot lately. However, I'm not quite sure she understands what they mean.

Often I'll hear her say "Mommy, we have a big problem." When I ask her what the problem is, she'll giggle and say "I don't know" (her new favorite words).

Ok so "Big problem" means no problem. So what does "No problem" mean?

"No problem" means there is actually a big problem. When Bunny says "no problem" it is usually accompanied by tears in the middle of a tantrum. Like say when I tell her she needs to take a nap, wear pants or do something else she doesn't want to do. She'll look at me with tears in her eyes and say "No problem." It makes me want to just give her a big hug.

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MamaCarter said...

Classic! That's kind of like when Monkey says "uh oh"...but the reality is, it wasn't an accident. She did something on purpose.