Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Toddler Gardening

Yesterday it hit 70 degrees so I thought it would be a great time to plant some flowers in the front yard. So Bunny and I went to the garden store to look for flowers. I told Bunny that she could pick the flowers and she wanted pink and purple ones. No problem.

She happily ran up and down the aisles looking for her pink and purple flowers. Finally she settled on a few - petunias, fuschia etc. I picked out some white ones to finish out our boxes. Then we went inside in search of toddler size gardening equipment. We picked up a set of Dora gloves and a Barbie shovel and trowel. Bunny was in heaven and insisted on carrying the shovel with her in the car.

Once we got home I put Bunny in an old t-shirt of mine so she wouldn't get too dirty. Then we proceeded to get to work. We planted two flower boxes and two small pots. We had to fill them with potting soil and then the plant the flowers. Bunny happily helped fill the first box with soil and then she discovered the bird feeders, the slide and well anything other than the planting. She helped a little after that but mainly she didn't. Its a good thing we were in the back yard with its own version of baby jail - a fence across the driveway. That is until she figured out how to open it. But I managed to get it secure and keep her contained.

Once everything was planted and transported to the front yard, it was time to water the plants. Bunny was in heaven. She wanted to carry the watering can but it was about half her size (I forgot to look for a toddler sized watering can but its now on the list). She helped water the plants and managed not to water herself - too much.

All in all they turned out pretty good. I'll need to add some greens to the flower boxes and plant the other pots but we may limit Bunny's helping time to 10 minutes. Maybe we'll even plant vegetables - or maybe not.

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