Sunday, May 18, 2008

When exactly did it happen?

When did I become lame? (Wait you probably shouldn't answer that because some will say I've alwasy been lame. I have been physically incapable of staying out until midnight for at least 5 years now, so yeah I'm lame.)

But when did my idea of Saturday night entertainment become drinking a glass of wine with Bubs and listening to Bunny talk on the baby monitor?

It happened like this, I got Bunny settled in her crib at 8:45 pm and headed downstaris to Bubs. He was checking baseball scores online (lame). So I started to clean up the living room (lame) and Bubs headed into the kitchen to do the dishes (lame). He said do you want to watch a movie? DVD player isn't working (lame). Do you want to rent a movie on the TV? We didn't like any last time (lame). Do you want to play a board game? Lame.

So we settled down on the couch with our glasses of wine to find something to watch on TV. Meanwhile Bunny started saying the alphabet in her room, only it sounded like she had her tounge stuck out. Then she started saying Fa Fa Fa Foo Foo, Fa Fa Fa Funny and Ja Ja Ja Jelly. You see I've been teaching her the sounds letters make and how they relate to words - so I was very proud that she got it right and was practicing. Maybe I'm not so bad at this mom thing.

We were commenting on this very fact when Bubs turned to me and said "This is lame. Sitting listening to a baby monitor on a Saturday night." And lame it was, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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Kerry said...

Don't feel bad, I'm lame as well. I love the name of your blog....wish I had thought to grab some wine last night...
p.s. Hubs calls me Bunny!