Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude

One of my favorite blogs Mama-Om has something called Attitude of Gratitude on Wednesdays. In it you share what you are greatful for. I think that is just a wonderful idea and have decided to join in.

Today I am greatful for bubbles. You know the kind you make from dish soap and blow through a little wand. These babies can keep a 2 year old entertained for hours and that my friend is a miracle in and of itself.


s t a c y said...

This one got me laughing!

Thanks so much for participating!

I just checked out your blog -- and was laughing some more!


Laura@Storytellin' Mama said...

All four of my children love bubbles. Even our golden retriever likes to get in the act and try to pop them with his nose!

s t a c y said...

Hi Renee,
Sorry if this is a dupe, my wireless conked right when I hit send.

Anyway, I am sorry about the button not working. If you don't mind, could you email me some more info at sml2470 at hotmail dot com? Eg., is the image not showing up? the link not working when clicked? do you get an error when publishing? Etc.

I don't know why it would work for some and not others. I'd like to figure out why. And thanks for using a text link in its place. I appreciate that!