Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Naptime is wasted on the young

At what age to you realize that naps are indeed a good thing and not something to be fought tooth and nail? High School? Definitely by college.

The past two days Bunny has sat in her crib for 2 hours, talking not napping. Monday she didn't sleep and yesterday she fell asleep right before the 2 hour mark.

I don't understand this. If I had a chance to nap, I'd jump on it. I would crawl into bed with one or both of the kitties and I'd be asleep within 15 minutes. I would wake up an hour or two later refreshed and ready to go. Bunny not so much.

Now its my understanding that kids at this age sleep on average 13 hours a day. Bunny is working on about 9 to 10. Maybe she doesn't need that much sleep, maybe its just a phase.

But I really hope she is not ready to give up napping alltogether. Her naptime is also my time. I can get a ton of stuff done when she is not around demanding my attention every 2 minutes. I surf the internets, I make jewlery, I read books, I clean the house and I even sometimes nap.

So Bunny this is my plea to you, give your poor mom a break and take a nap. It makes us both less cranky.

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