Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Normally I hate to fight. I hate conflict. It makes me uneasy. I want everything to be peaceful.

I like to live in the little bubble I've created with my family. Here everything is good, everything is peaceful. We have what we need.

But unfortunately life is not like that for a lot of people. They don't live in peaceful little bubbles. They live in the real world. And sometimes the real world is ugly. There is conflict. They do not have peace. They do not have what they need. They live in poverty.

They . . . are not strangers. They live in my town, they are my neighbors. They live half a world away, they are my family.

So today I pick up the figurative sword to fight. I stand with my fellow bloggers to fight poverty.

If we join together to do something, no matter how small, we can change the world for someone. We can help to make poverty history.

My plan is to donate to my community's food bank, to make scarves for the homeless and to donate to UNICEF in Ethiopia to help children like Turtle.

Can you help too?

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anymommy said...

We focus most of our giving on Haiti. I know, it's just one place out of so many, but at least it's something. Thanks for being a part of the fight!