Sunday, August 24, 2008

How I Got My Bloggy Groove Back

As you know, on Friday I posted that I had lost it. I had nothing to say. It was hard for me but several of my wonderful readers like Kate, MamaCarter, Kristin, Anymommy Stacey and imommy all offered their support. So thanks ladies, I needed that.

I took their suggestion and took the weekend off from blogging. Time away helped me gain some perspective. The fact that I didn't have to blog, helped me think of things to blog again. I began to view situations and occurances through the "how would this look on my blog" lens again. This was good.

But the thing that really got me back into the frame of mind to blog again was something that I had been dreading all week. On Saturday I went to volunteer training for the Obama campaign. I wanted to volunteer but I had agreed to be on a team giving 10 hours a week. I wan't to sure about that commitment. So I was not excited to go to the training. But as these things go, it was very good and they got us all fired up.

Part of the training made me excited about blogging again. They wanted us to develop our story. To be able to share with the public during the campaign who we are and what has brought us here. They had two people come up and give their stories.

The first was Javier. He told of his parents fleeing war torn El Salvador. He told of growing up poor in an alcoholic home. How he became involved in crime and drugs before turning his life around at 23. He is now 25 and is filled with that wonder and excitement that you get when you realize your whole life is ahead of you.

The second person to share her story was Mary. Mary grew up in a conservative family in a small town. She was sent away to boarding school with the nuns because she was "too wild" for 1950s Kansas. She later became a nun herself. After she left religious life, she began to work with refugees in war torn areas. She lost a leg in the Sudan but continued her work. She most recently lived in South Africa, teaching at the Bishop Desmond Tutu school of peace.

As I listened to their stories, I thought my own story was nothing special. It was typical, white middle class, had all the advantages growing up, blah blah blah. I haven't struggled, I haven't done anything extraordinary. Who would want to listen to my story?

But it is my story. What has happened to me in the past has made me who I am today. I dealt with infertility. The path that I chose to walk down, led me to my daughter and will lead me to Turtle. What once cause me so much pain has brought me to joy. And what is happening to me now will make me into my future self.

So my story may be mundane but its my story and I want to tell it. And that is why I blog.


anymommy said...

A great reason - the very best.

iMommy said...

Good for you! You've gotta keep blogging for yourself, don't worry about us!

We like you, or we wouldn't be here!