Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Queen of the Explorers

Two intrepid explorers set forth from Fort Wauwatosa to brave the wilds of the Menomonee River. They were lead by Bunny, the Queen of Explorers, who has spent many months honing her skills by tracking the movements of some sly dinosaurs.

They were in search of the wildest of wildlife. The cricket, the chipmunk and the duck, oh my.

They could hear the crickets chirping but could not find the elusive insect. All attempts to find him in the tall grass were foiled by this wiley bug.

They searched high and low and found the entrance to the chipmunk's kingdom. But alas, they were denied a glimpse of the royal rodent.

They made one final, futile attempt to find some, any wildlife. They brought out the bread hoping in vain that they could coax a shy duck out of hiding with the promise of food. But the duck would not cooperate.

Bunny, Queen of the Explorers, was tired and ready for a nap. But she did not give up hope that she would find her quarry. She vowed to return to the Menomonee River wilderness another day.

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Anonymous said...

Love her pigtails.