Friday, August 8, 2008

Hair, The Musical

Let's just put it out there - I have good hair. Its the one thing about myself that I am vain about. I used to hate it but give me some good color and a good cut and I love it.

The cut and color are so good right now that I get stopped on the street and complimented about my hair. People have even taken pictures of it to show their hairdresser. It was better than someone complimenting your outfit. Your hair is a part of you, it is who you are. I was the girl with the cute blond(ish) bob.

Which is going to make what I'm about to say sound weird. Yesterday I cut it. I cut it all off.

Why would I do that if I am so vain about my hair? Because I also have a short attention span. I want change. I've changed jobs a lot (since graduating from law school 10 years ago I've had 9 jobs). But the easiest thing to change about yourself is your hair. You can color it, cut it, grow it out and do it all over again.

I was born with blond hair that grew into beautiful little waves. Then when it turned darker, my mom cut it short (boy short). Then I had a Dorothy Hamil and several million perms (what was I thinking). I started leaving it strait and it looked much better. It was short (really short), it was long. I also experimented with color, blonde, red, brown (my natural color, I think) and combinations of all of them. I always wanted pink streaks but never got them, maybe next time.

I discovered my safety zone is a bob with bangs. I had it in college, in law school, when I got married and recently. I know I'll always go back to it. But it doesn't stop me from trying new things.

So yesterday, I cut my hair short. It looks great. Its much easier to do. But I know that within the year I will start to grow it out and start all over again.


Anonymous said...

Love it! I'm prone to chop mine off every now and then too. I try not to let it get longer than shoulder length and then I hack it down to a short punk style. Right now, it's in the shortish length (shorter than yours) and I'll probably start letting it grow again this fall. I honestly believe a good cut and color is worth the price of a good hairdresser!

Anonymous said...

I think it looks great. I used to ALWAYS have long hair (see my Beijing picture) - but finally started going shorter (even shorter than my year old profile picture). I'm thinking that at this point it makes me look more youthful (realizing that only old people say things like "more youthful"). Yeah for short hair!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

My hair goes through the same cycles :-) Great cut!

I'm an "emotional" hair cutter, though - I either go when I'm really happy or really sad!

A.C. said...

It looks fantastic! I love short hair. It's sassy and fun.

I have annoying hair. It really kinda sucks for the most part. I cut it all off every few years or so. I once shaved it. I looked like a starving Sinead O'Connor. Not a good look.

EatPlayLove said...

I go through phases with my hair. I might go for a sweeping bang the next time to help hide my forehead sins.

Short hair is a blast..Love it.

jamie @ [kreyv] said...

Hi! Scott just gave me this new (to me) blog address. I asked him why you didn't blog anymore...apparently you do. I love your blog! I absolutely love the new haircut, too! Great choice.

Buttons and Dots Photography said...

It is very cute. I am jealous, I just can't pull off short hair. I tried it once and I absolutely hated it. My face is very round and short hair makes me look fat!

Z said...

I love the new cut!

I have hair that all my hair-dressers, friends, family, etc have gushed over for ages - how thick! no split ends! so healthy! And can I just say? I HATE MY HAIR.

Thick? Yes - so much so I can't do anything with it. No split ends and healthy? Yes, because since I can't do anything with it, I DON'T do anything with it. So no damage.

So, yeah - I'm jealous. Very much so ;)

Unknown said...

I had to visit your blog from All Mediocre since we share the same first name. I love your hair short, I love the bob. You do have great hair and seemingly anything that you do to it looks great!