Monday, August 18, 2008

Home Improvement

Not that the CrapShack needs it or anything, but today they are finally starting work on our basement.

Its been about 4 months since we first noticed water in our basement. The basement was finished, it was our family room and Bunny's playroom. We moved everything we could into the living room and have been living in cramped quarters ever since.

At first we thought we could get the work done in May or June. But now its mid-August and its just starting. And once they finish the waterproofing work, we still have to re-do the basement, fixing dry wall and installing new flooring. We'd like to make some improvements as well. Its no telling how long that will take.

I'll be happy to get back in the basement by Christmas.


Kate said...

I'm sorry! I live in the house of broken appliances and closet doors. So I can relate to domestic madness.

iMommy said...

Oh, home improvement. How I hate thee, so.

Best of luck!

DIYGuy7 said...

well i'm glad that it sounds like none of your stuff was badly damaged.

Glad you two are safe.

Do you have ideas of what you want the basement to look like? I'm a picture geek and would love to see some picture of what you're doing:-)

<-basement waterproofing and finishing geek :-)


MamaCarter said...

WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! 'nuff said.

EatPlayLove said...

Oh our house likes to throw us for a loop every month sometimes little sometimes big...

It would be a nice christmas present to have it finished.

Anonymous said...

I hate home improvements that take forever. We are in the middle of 3 right now. Half painted, tile in the garage for the bathrooms and a great patio that you have to jump on from the last crappy old deck stair because we haven't had luck with getting the damn deck replaced yet. I feel for ya sister ;)