Sunday, August 3, 2008


This post is my 101st post on this blog.

When I started this blog a little over three months ago, I had no idea what it would be. At first it was just going to be a way to document Bunny's life and share pictures of her. It was really meant for friends and family.

I had/have another blog that I sometimes posted in. It was mainly for my jewelry busines but I talked about my life there. I figured that I would keep that blog going for myself and this blog would all be about Bunny.

But I learned something, Bunny is my life. I can't really seperate one from the other. She has shaped how I view the world, how I react to situations. It seemed more appropriate to talk about things here.

I started my other blog in 2006 and I never was really comfortable blogging there. I'd ignore it for long stretches of time. In fact in two years I've only posted there 98 times. 101 in three plus months or 98 times in two years, no contest as to which one I care about more.

I shared my other blog with the Etsy community. But I never got the same sort of reaction to it as I've gotten from you all on this one. Perhaps that is why this blog has become my primary outlet, because of you, my readers.

So in celebration of my 101st post on But Why Mommy, I am going to give away this pair of earrings from my Etsy shop. All you have to do win is leave a comment. Tell me how you found me, what you like about this blog, if you think I'm nuts or whatever you feel like telling me. I'll keep the comments open for a week and the winner will be announced on August 11.

The winner will be chosen at random. Well actually it will be chosen by assigning a number to your comment. The number will then be chosen out of a hat by Bunny or her father should Bunny decide to dump the numbers out, choose multiple numbers or in anyother way act like a 2 1/2 year old. On second thought the winner will be chosen by Bubs.


Z said...

Those earrings are beautiful!

I found you through AllMediocre, and you're now on my feedreader. I'm one of those people who READS every post on my reader, but doesn't necessarily comment. Most of the time because I simply don't have the time. So if I disappear for awhile, I'm not gone, I'm just "hiding" - and I'll pop back up unexpectedly! ;)

Kate said...

I think I found you on AllMediocre. Your blog was one of the first ones that I read (I started at the top of the list), and I must have read a funny post because I bookmarked you. And I now check your site daily for new posts (yes - I also have you in a reader - but I've never gotten into the habit of checking that).

Great earrings! Hope I win!

micaela6955 said...

I've seen you on AllMediocre as well, and even visited once or twice before. I've added you to my subscription list, as I love reading about other mommies and what is going on in their lives. I try to comment once in awhile, just to let people know I am reading their blog-but I try to read as much as I can, and sometimes get WAY behind! So here I am saying a big Hello, and hope to be back again soon now that I've subscribed!

EatPlayLove said...

gosh, you know I can't quite recall how I found you. Maybe you commented on my blog and then I found you!

It's funny, you just seem like a old friend to me, so I guess that's the best thing about your blog.

I love your earrings. I love making jewelry and I am so intrigued by ETSY and think it's a wonderful marketplace. I just don't know if anyone would buy my creations. I save all my handiwork for gifts to friends, whom graciously accept them! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Your earring and other creations are beautiful! I found you through all Mediocre. I think I clicked you because I am so used to hearing that same phrase every 5 minutes in my house, it had to be something good...I was right! Like the others I love your blog, I just don't have the time to comment on everything that I read every day! :)

Maura said...

I'm pretty sure I found you via Amy In Ohio. She has such wonderful taste! :-)

Oh, and I forgot to wear earrings today, so I just know that beautiful pair is destined to grace my lobes!

daysgoby said...

I found you at AllMediocre. ...And I'll be back!