Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Little Miss Fix-It

First an update on the basement repairs. They've are running a double crew and are going to finish ahead of schedule. Yes! Edited to add: They finished at 10:30 this morning! Now the real work starts.

Last night I was finishing making dinner and Bunny was watching the bug movie on her little DVD player with Bubs. Bunny came into the kitchen holding a picture. I oohed and ahhed over the picture.

Then she asked for tape. I figured she just wanted to add her picture to the collection hanging over my computer so I gave it to her. I realize that wasn't the smartest move, giving a toddler tape, but I figured her father was supervising.

Then he called me into the dining room, "come see what your daughter is doing." My daughter? That can't be good.

So I head into the dining room in time enough to see Bunny putting tape on the DVD player. WTF? I turn to Bubs for an explaination. It seems the player stopped working so Bunny decided to fix it with tape. It works for her books so she has decided if something is broken, it can be fixed with tape.

Of course she was only using Scotch tape so it didn't work. If it was duct tape, it probably would have worked because duct tape can fix anything.


Anonymous said...

Tape is my solution to almost everything. So yeah - I'm not very handy.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

OMG, she's so smart! Seriously, that is adorable.

And duct tape holds the universe together.

Oh, and YAY for basement repairs being done!

Anonymous said...

sounds like daddy has been teaching her a few things about home repairs..tape will fix it all! :) Too funny, glad the repairs and such are going a little more smoothly for you!