Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Matchy Match

While I abhor having matching outfits with your children, I find myself strangely wanting the same shoes my daughter has. You see, my lovely mother bought Bunny these pink Chuck Taylors that I had picked out.

Now every time I see them, I want a pair of my own. I know where I can buy them and have been mentally calculating how many lattes I would have to skip in order to own them. They are just that cool.

I also have an affection for Converse because I wore a pair of green suede One Stars at my wedding reception. I love them to death. In fact they are on my feet as I am writing.

So the pink Chucks are calling to me. "Buy me" they whisper, "you know you want to."

Would it really be that wrong to wear the same shoes as Bunny?

1 comment:

MamaCarter said...

Um, yes. But only at the same time.