Monday, April 28, 2008

85% Toddler Free Weekend

Or what's a girl to do with herself.

We had a rather jam packed weekend where Bunny found herself with babysitters quite a bit. First off her godparents David and Beth babysat on Friday night while Bubs and I went to the opera. All reports were that she was the perfect angel and that David and Beth survived unscathed and are still considering having children. So a win win situation all around.

On Sunday we had plans to go to the Brewer's game and tailgate before with our friends. My parents agreed to babysit. But then they gave us an unexpecdted gift and offered to take Bunny on Saturday night. Yippee!!

So Saturday morning is my free time to do whatever I want while Bubs takes Bunny to swim class or someother activity. They get time to bond and I get a little break. I didn't do anything too earth shattering, just ran some errands while Bubs and Bunny went to the children's museum and had a great time. We all had lunch together and after nap time it was off to grandma and grandpa's house.

Bubs and I had the evening free. It doesn't happen too often and we had a hard time deciding what to do. Eventually we decided to go to our favorite Mexican restaraunt for a good meal and some good margaritas. It was a great time. We actually got to talk about adult stuff - what we were going to do about our house (which is broken and needs to be fixed) and about our second adoption. At first we were joking, saying "You look so familiar, what is your name again?" It was good to reconnect.

Sunday was a blast David and Beth had organized a tailgate party for her upcoming birthday. Most of our friends were there and it was fun to see them. The game was fun too but the Brewers ended up losing in 10 innings so that was kind of a bummer.

But now its Monday morning and I am refreshed and ready for another week of all Bunny all the time. In fact I am being summoned to get her dressed right now.

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MamaCarter said...

mmm, toddler free! sounds fun. :-)