Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Finds

Every Friday I am going to feature a new item I've found to make life easier. I tend to favor indie crafts and handmade goodness. I am sure that I will be featuring a lot of the wonderful artists and crafters I've found on Etsy

Today's find is something I didn't even know I needed but now I think I don't want to live without. Its a coffee corset from Jenn Gee. A coffee corset takes the place of the disposable paper cuffs you get at the coffee house so the cup doesn't burn your hand. Rather than creating more waste, you can pull out one of these stylish corsets out of your bag and slide it on your cup. Just pop it back in your bag when you are done.

The corsets are made of fabric with ribbon lacing and bead details. You are sure to find one you will love. They are treated with Scotch Gard to prevent stains and are washable if any spills occur.

These are sure to add an extra pick-me up to your next cuppa joe.

1 comment:

Mixed Species said...

WOW! That is some amazing detail on the coffee corsett. Very impressive!