Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Learning to Count

Yesterday bunny and I were watching My Friends Tigger and Pooh while getting dressed. In it Piglet was scared of the lightning and thunder. So in order to get him over his fears they taught him how to count the time between the thunder and lightning. The higher he could count, the further away the storm was.

Well I found that this theory can apply to bed time as well. Bunny really doesn't like to go to bed. In fact sometimes she's just plain mad about it. It doesn't matter how tired she is, she will bounce in her crib and cry. "One more book, mommy." "I want daddy." etc.

After an hour of this and a few trips to her room to try and get her calmed down, I noticed that her cries were getting further apart. So I started counting the time between her cries. And what do you know, the time kept getting longer meaning she was closer to sleep.

Who said TV never taught you anything?

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