Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Music Class

Monday mornings Bunny and I have music class with a bunch of other toddlers. Bunny enjoys it because she likes to dance and sing. Of course the best part of the class is when the teacher Miss Haley brings out a musical instrument for the kids to "play". So far she's gotten to play a violin, viola, cello, keyboard, trumpet and xylophone. Her favorites are the string instruments. She will often find a stick during our walks and call it her bow.

The first time she got to touch an instrument I told her to be careful when she strummed the strings. Well after all the kids are done playing it, Miss Haley will play a song on the instrument. Bunny yells out "Miss Haley be really, really careful with cello." Too cute.

As much as she likes the class, Bunny will not sit still. When her little friend Claire comes in, they chase eachother around. When class starts Claire will go and sit by her mom. Bunny, not so much. She runs around, runs around and runs around. She will do all of the activities but they are often done while doing laps around the class or leaning up against the mirrors practicing her latest trick - standing on one leg.

I've often felt bad about her behavior but it doesn't really disrupt the class so I let it go. Yesterday a new mom brought a 15 month old to class. She was worried that he was disrupting the class by his running. Miss Haley pointed out that Bunny runs too. She said she hadn't noticed. So I guess its not so bad, just Bunny being Bunny.

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