Thursday, April 24, 2008

Play Date

Today Bunny had a play date with her little friend Charlie. She decided to dress for the occasion with a purple yarn necklace, her fancy scarf (which she's wearing in the picture for the last post) and her pink mary janes on the wrong feet.

Bunny was an excellent hostess. She offered Charlie and his mom tea and plastic fruit when they first arrived. But then as it often does the play date turned to minor temper tantrums and tears. You see when you get two two year olds in the same room they inevitably want to play with the same toys at the same time. Since Bunny is the hostess, she should let Charlie play with whatever toys he wants. But when you are two that logic really doesn't work. The toys are hers and if she wants to play with them, well she's gonna play with them. Which of course Charlie didn't like.

The purpose of play dates is to get the children used to playing with others, teaching them to share etc. Most of the time they are good but some days it seems like we have a long way to go.

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