Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is This What A Mother of a Teenager Feels Like?

Today, Bunny's cousin A "called" to see what Bunny would like for her upcoming birthday (the answer - a pony). Well actually her mother called but A and Bunny spoke on the phone for 10 minutes.

That is if you can say that a three year old and an almost three year old can have a conversation. It went something like this:

Bunny: Hi
A: Hi
Bunny: Hi A
A: What you doing?
Bunny: Playing with water dinos (puts phone down runs to get one of the dinos) See.
A: Hi
Bunny: Hi
A: I play with make up.
Bunny: What make up?
A: Bubblegum
Bunny: What?
A: You come sleep over.
Bunny: Yeah.
A: You can sleep in my bed.
Bunny: Hi
A: unintelligible
Bunny: Hi
A: Stop saying hi
Bunny: Hi
A: What?
Bunny: (puts phone on mute) Where A
A: Bunny you hang up?
Bunny: Hi
A: (hangs up phone)
Bunny: Hi


Kate Coveny Hood said...

Replace the word "hi" with "like" and I would say, yes it is.

Kari said...

Oh, Kate is so right! Hilarious.