Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Computer Trouble - Help

So my eyboard has decded to drop some letters. They just don't wor anymore.

These are the ones we have:


Do you now how many tmes you use the mssng letters? Alot.

'm pretty sure ths wll not fx tself. Can you just buy a eyboard to hoo up to a laptop to fx the problem?

So now there are two computers on the frtz. So broe down and made an appontment to fx the other computer so at least one wll wor. But 'm not sure how long that wll tae.

f there are no posts for a whle ths s why. No e-mals for a whle ether sorry. Because typng le ths s embarrassng.

Edited to add New keyboard installed and working. We have I and K again and I am so happy. I still want to get the Mac fixed and maybe replace this one too. But at least we are working again!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Renee, you can just buy a keyboard and hook it up to your computer. I don't think they're very expensive even.

iMommy said...

Replacing the keyboard in your laptop is cheap and easy, too. My hubby has done it a couple of times, let me know if you need help! He can find the instructions and we can point you to the right part. I think we paid around $25 for ours, and we just popped the old out and popped in the new.

heartatpreschool said...

That was fun. It was like trying to figure out what personalized license plates are supposed to be saying.