Friday, January 16, 2009

Creating a Mess

Bunny is very creative. She loves to draw and color and paint. It makes her happy.

And seeing her happy makes me happy. I love that she loves art. As some of you know, I've taken a challenge to create something everyday for one year over at my new blog Juniper and Coffee. It makes my life so much easier that I can sit down and create along side my budding Picasso.

And her approach to art is very inspirational. She just dives in. She doesn't care what people think. She only wants to put the paintbrush, crayon or marker on paper and see what comes out. I love listening to her little comments as she is going along. "Oooh Daddy's gonna to love this." "Isn't it pretty, momma?" "When I'm done its gonna be so nice."

She's all about the process. She doesn't sweat the details because its going to turn out just fine. She doesn't agonize if there is a mistake because there are no mistakes. Every stroke belongs on the paper just where it is.

Now she and I have received about the same amount of artistic training, which is to say none. However, I often freeze when it comes to the output because its not what its supposed to be. Its not "art". I've seen art and what I produce isn't art. So I get frustrated and scrap project after project because its not perfect.

That is why I am loving the challenge created by my other blog. I have to throw caution to the wind. I have to get over my preconcieved notions about what is or isn't art. I have to let go of the hang-ups I have over my abilities or lack of abilities.

In other words, I need to get in touch with my inner three year old.


Kate Coveny Hood said...

I think that the perfectionist attitude ruined art for me when I was growing up. And I think you've nailed the perfect solution. Find your inner 3 year old.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

We all need a little inner child.

And I totally have those paint cups, haven't used them yet. How are they?

Marinka said...

What a cutie! And I love it when kids paint with primary colors. (I've now exhausted all of my artistic knowledge)

Heidi said...

My five year old has become quite the perfectionist and I have to remind her that not everything has to be just so which, of course, is like talking to me. So, both of us could use a bit of that three year old.