Monday, March 30, 2009

Room For Improvement

Of the home, personal, family and bloggy variety.

On the blog front, I'm going to try actually blogging more than once a week. I know its a radical idea but it just might work. And thanks to a brilliant idea by Kate from The Big Piece of Cake I'm going to be making some changes over at Juniper and Coffee.

On the family front, we have started our homestudy process for our second adoption. There is so much paperwork to do and hoops to jump through but I am thrilled that we are making progress to bring our little baby home.

And where do I begin on personal improvement. I'm going to be 40 soon. I thought it would be a good idea to enter my 40s in good shape, a shape I'm proud to be in. Right now my shape is a bit too round, a bit too muffin topish for my liking. So I'm doing something about it. You know exercise more than twice a month, eat right etc.

I've set a goal to lose 30 pound by my birthday in September. Its kind of a huge goal but that was the weight I was 5 years ago and that is the weight I'd like to be again. If I reach my goal I am going to buy myself some ridiculously expensive rock star jeans. So far I've lost 1.5 pounds in a week and 1/2 so that's not too bad. We'll see if I can stick with it.

And finally home improvement. This is the biggie. Our house, as you know, is a CrapShack. But we've started making it better one room at a time, starting with the basement rec room. The sump pump has been installed. The dry wall is up.

And now . . . we've started painting!

The walls used to be a dark burgandy color which was perfect for the previous incarnation of the basement as Scottowatomi Bingo, Casino and Dancehall. But now with one child and another one on the way, we need to make it a bit more family friendly so we chose a warm taupe color. I think it will be much nicer and much lighter down there.

Now we just need to work on the floor. The floor has tile on it but it was ugly and stained so we put carpet down. Big mistake (what with the water and all). We are going to put new tiles down but we need to get up all of the wood and glue they used for the carpeting. I'm afraid this might take a while. But baby steps, right?


Marinka said...

Congratulations on all your improvements in waiting! You have my full support. Not that you need it, of course. You look great!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

It's a complete life overhaul! Sounds like you're off to a great start. And I agree with Marinka - you look great. Are you really tall? I can't imagine where those 30 pounds are...

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I can't believe you need to lose any - you look fabulous!

Meanwhile, your house is looking better, too.. can't wait to see all the changes!

Kari said...

Great goals! I'm joining you on the weight loss one...

FranticMommy said...

Love your blog! I too am an adoptive Mommy. We adopted our son at birth at age 37. You GO Girl!
p.s we called our "fixer-upper" house The Money Pit!