Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Weren't Wearing That When You Came In Here

Yesterday I had the wonderful luxury of free time.

Bubs' father was off of work for the week and volunteered to watch Bunny in the afternoon. I was thrilled. I had errands to run, errands that go much smoother without a three year old in tow. Grandpa also offered to take Bunny out to dinner with Grandma, so Bubs and I got to have dinner in a real restaraunt.

I ran my errands in peace. I drank coffee in peace. Then I decided to shop in peace. I needed a few new things for spring so I hit the mall.

I gathered some possibilities and hit the dressing room. When I looked in the mirror, I froze. I looked like a bag lady. Before I left the house, I remembered to do my hair and put on make up. But I apparently forgot to change my clothes. I was wearing ratty jeans, an old t-shirt and a sweater with a hole in the sleeve. Completely appropriate for toddler wrangling and cleaning the house. Completely inappropriate for dinner in a nice restaraunt with my husband.

So what is a girl to do?

Buy new clothes of course. I bought a nice pair of pants and a sweater. Then I went into the bathroom and changed my clothes. Ratty clothes went into the bag and pretty new clothes went on.

Afterwards I had a spring in my step. I looked good and felt good. And then I had a great dinner with my best guy. A pretty good deal all around.

Would I have bought the clothes if I didn't need an immediate makeover? Probably not. I don't tend to buy things for myself that often but I'm glad I did.

(And yes I am aware that I could have gone home to change before dinner but . . .)


Christy said...

That sounds like a perfectly lovely afternoon and evening. How fun to buy new clothes that you make feel good. I can't even remember what it's like to go out to dinner without our baby in tow!

Kari said...

I got a couple new pairs of jeans the other day, and let me tell you - I feel like a new woman! Shopping is great therapy.

Anonymous said...

I need a makeover. I really do feel like I have let myself go since having children. I try and tell myself it does not matter because I am smart and strong, but the truth is I still wanna look pretty.

Heidi said...

Sometimes there is nothing like a new outfit to go with your day or to go with a peaceful meal with your husband or just because. Good for you!

anymommy said...

How fun. A new outfit and a dinner out. I know it's shallow, but sometimes nothing else can make me that happy.

EatPlayLove said...

After writing a post about wearing Pj's as clothes, I've been a bit embarrassed by what I wear to drop my daughter off at school (I just pull up and let her out) if anyone ever saw me... It feels nice to have some new duds, glad you had some free time.