Friday, September 5, 2008

Cat Scratch Fever

We have two cats in our house. His and hers cats if you will.

Bubs adopted Detroit before he met me. And if you must know Detroit got her name from some stupid bet thingy with his ex-girlfriend, and yes it is a stupid name.

I adopted Tabasco when I was in law school, after I had met Bubs. And since we are telling how our cats got their names, Tabasco was named after a race horse, Tabasco Cat (because I'm all original and stuff).

Not long after I adopted Tabasco, Bubs graduated and moved back home for a while. Since his mom was allergic to cats, I took guardianship of Detroit. So she has been my cat for about 12 years now. But she is still Bubs' cat and always will be.

My cat is awesome. He's cute. He's cuddly. He is basically a dog in cat's clothing, he comes to the door when you get home. He'll follow you around, just waiting to get petted. Yes he's a bit dumb, a condition which I know to be genetic because my friends have his siblings and they are dumb too (hello Oliver!). But he's a cute dumb.

Now if you've read this blog in the past, you are probably saying to yourself "Isn't he the cat that pees on your stuff?" Yes, yes he is. But the traits I've listed above make the peeing tolerable because he's just so darn cute.

Now Bubs' cat is the devil. Well not the actual devil but pretty darn close. She's mean. She's nasty. She doesn't like people. She bites. But she is a beautiful cat.

Every so often she will come to you and let (demand that) you pet her. Yesterday was one of those days. I apparently forgot that she was evil so I decided to brush her. Everything was going along swimmingly, she was purring and seemed to be enjoying herself. But then I caught some matted fur and it was game over. She reached over and bit my hand. Hard. So hard it drew blood.

See I told you she was evil.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Talk about biting the hand that feeds you...

anymommy said...

Yikes. She is evil. I have to admit, I'm not a cat person and this pretty much confirms my dog preference.r

Anonymous said...

Ouch! My niece has a cat like that. It attacked me in the middle of the night last summer while I was sleeping and ever since then I've not been particularly fond of cats even though I used to have two myself.

Anonymous said...

ouchie. That hurts just looking at it. Are you sure it wasn't a vampire that missed your neck when you put your hand up to block him? I'll be waiting for the late night posts about how hungry you are...for raw meat. LOL!

EatPlayLove said...

My almost 5 year old begs me everyday for a cat, I think I'll bookmark this post to show her why we don't have cats. I've always known that type, purring one minute, attacking the next!

although our humane society does a great job of labeling kitty's personality types, your tabasco sounds like a "personal assistant", they kind we keep an eye out for.

Elizabeth said...

We have a mean cranky cat too, she bit my husband so hard that he actually cried-partly because it hurt so bad and partly because his feelings were hurt.

MamaCarter said...

It is NOT Ollie's fault that she's dumb. She's got a brain the size of a walnut! (snort!) It is so funny to listen to you describe Tobasco as a dog - that's how I describe Ollie, too.