Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Red Couch

There have been times I've wondered if it was the right one for us.  It's so red, so big. 

The back cushions are bulky and uncomfortable.  We've long since let the kids toss them off to be used in whatever building projects they've dreamed up that day.

But there is something about it, something that makes me love it.

It is red, so so very red.

There are times when I catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye and I am transported half way around the world to a hotel lobby filled with red couches.  Red couches where so many anxious parents took so many photos of beautiful babies.  These beautiful babies and anxious parents were now families.  Frink and I sat on those couches, taking pictures of our beautiful baby, creating memories of the time when we became a family.

Red couches mean family.

It is big, so so very big.

It takes up a lot of space but it provides lots of space too.  In the afternoon, I often (but not often enough) spread out and doze on the couch while Lion is napping.  Sometimes he joins me.  He curls into me, gets comfortable and sleeps the deep sleep of those without a care in the world.

There are times when we are joined by a cat or two.  And there are rare, special times when Bunny will join us.  She forgets that she is six.  She forgets that she no longer naps.  She surrenders to the warmth of the afternoon sun, the comfort of the couch and sleeps the deep sleep of those without a care in the world.

Big couches mean togetherness.
And that is how I know it is the right one for us.


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Just saw the title and somehow knew you'd be thinking back 5.5 years ago. Did that even cross your mind when you picked out this couch? Did you know that AFs don't stay on Shamain anymore? The medical clinic moved and there is no more paperwork processing the day before your swearing in. White Swan is remodeling to cater to business. I always thought there would be a day that we went back and sat on those sofas, but I would imagine they won't be there. I wonder if Lucy's is closing!

anymommy said...

Lovely. You should always have a red couch, a big one, made for cuddling.

Beth said...

A friend of mine once said, "Happiness is a red couch." I have never questioned his statement for a moment.