Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Clearing Out

I'm surprised at how easy it was. 

It seemed so big, so overwhelming.  Everytime I looked at it I would freeze up.  I.  Cannot.  Do. This.  So I would just close the door and move on.  The door kept it hidden from view but I knew it was there.

A friend came over.  She said she needed to get her mind off of her own stuff. She wanted to help out in whatever way she could.  Use me she said, I'm here for you.

I was embarassed to open the door to show her the chaos within.  But she didn't flinch.  We can do this.  It's not that bad.

So we did it.  We worked through the mess.  Toss or keep?  Toss, toss, toss, toss.  Keep.  Slowly but surely until the floor was clear.  The piles on the tables had shrunk to manageble size.

I cleared out the wreckage, the external clutter that had been keeping me down.  Now I no longer have to navigate a path to the computer.  It's no longer a room of doom but an office.  I can enjoy being in here.

I did it.  We did it.


Ivey League Mama said...

And doesn't it feel so good? I'm always meaning to clear out, but yeah...I feel ya.

Beth said...

Yes, it is like a soul cleansing, getting rid of all the clutter. I had a friend come over after the wonder loves came home and deep cleaned my house, even climbing into my bathroom. Yikes! And another who while watching the littles during my father's visitation last year scrubbed down my kitchen including the oven. What a blessing to have people willing to help you with the yuk. Peace and goodness to you all.