Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Big Boys Don't Cry

I try to make it fun. I build it up like it's going to be the best thing ever.

"We are going to get a hair cut! Yay! Who cuts your hair?"


"Yes the man. We will go see Mr. Tony and get your hair cut. Then we'll get smoothies."


He's fine until we walk into the building. Then he tries to crawl inside my shirt.

The moment we sit in the chair (we because he sits on my lap), he starts to cry. When the clippers start up, he struggles and screams "No momma! No momma!"

It's not working. Tony looks at me and tells me it's time. We are going to do this like a big boy.

I get up and Tony sits with Lion. He talks to him and jokes with him, constantly reassuring. He is so good with him. It will be ok.

I repeat it over and over in my mind, it will be ok. He has to learn how to get his hair cut. But Lion is beside himself, crying. "Pees momma up. Momma! Momma!"

My heart breaks in a million pieces all over the floor. It cannot be done fast enough. However, I maintain my composure so he cannot see my sadness.

Finally, it's over. Lion is in my arms laughing like nothing happened. He recieves a sucker. Yay!

Tony tells me something I already know, once a month is not enough. We need to do it more often. He needs to get used to the chair and the clippers, two weeks. Two weeks! I'm not sure if the crazy glue holding my heart together will be set by then.


Anonymous said...

He's such a cutie!!
Stopping by via the Tuesday Just Write!! Hope you have a great day!!

Nancy said...

It does get easier with repetition. My little dude used to have huge fits. Now, he's begging us to shave his head.

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Oh but that FACE afterward -- SO precious! He's so little yet...give him time, mama! He'll get there...

Issas Crazy World said...

Oh honey, that just sucks. Sigh. They get us in the oddest ways, don't they?

I agree though. The more you can do it, the easier it will get.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Oliver had serious haircut issues - but I think it had more to so with his sensory processing issues than normal fear. But potato - potahto...it still boils down to a screaming, writhing child on your lap. I used to leave those appointments exhausted - both of us covered in his tears, snot and HAIR. It sucked. But he's gotten a lot better (you know - at age SIX!)

Anyway - SUPER cute picture of your little guy. Love it.

Molly said...

My brother HATED haircuts. He would sob the entire way home because he could feel the little hairs and they itched. :-( On the plus side, Mr Lion is quite handsome with his haircut!

Logical Libby said...

I took Meg to get her hair cut on Tuesday. The whole time she held my hand and ket saying "Mom,Mom, Mom" in a very concerned voice. I was expecting her to explode at any minute.

Sorry yours did...