Monday, October 31, 2011

Celebrations Galore

This weekend was full of activity, wonderful, busy, beautiful family activity. This was the kind of weekend I will treasure forever, tucking away the snapshots to pull out when times are not so beautiful and wonderful.

First up was Halloween.
Fun times collecting candy at Daddy's office. We also went at night on Saturday but there are no pictures because I have a sad little original i-phone with no flash.

Bunny was a dalmation (not a cow). She actually trick or treated part of the night running on all fours like a dog (It's a thing both she and her best friend do all the time. It makes my back hurt just looking at them.)

Lion was a dinosaur and stomped around going roar all night.

Back view of the costumes because I made them. I need you all to see each and every scale I cut out and glued on Lion's tail and spine just to make the several hot glue gun burns I recieved worth it.

Because it's awesome (Frink was the pig).

Gratuitous cute Lion dinosaur picture.

Yesterday was Bunny day, the 5th anniversary of becoming a family in China. You can find the story here. To celebrate the day we drove to Chicago. We spent the day at the Shedd Aquarium and the Tower formerly known as Sears.


Bunny pretending she's a penguin.

Nothing says "I'm afraid of heights" quite like sitting in a plexiglass box 103 stories above the ground. Holy Hannah that is high.
Looks like a good place for a nap.

Riding the L.

It was a beautiful day celebrating a beautiful girl.


Beth said...

First, I am totally impressed that you made the costumes. Second, love that you spent the day in the city. Oh how I miss it. Congratulations to you all. Beautiful family.

Issas Crazy World said...

Oh how I ADORE Lion's costume. You did well friend. Very well.