Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not Again

I posted on November 1st. I posted again on November 2nd. I posted two days in a row, which is pretty good for me lately.

Two days in a row wasn't that hard. I thought I bet I could do this every day this month. I could join National Blog Posting Month and write a post every day for the entire month of November. I even signed up for it. I could totally do this.

I could do it. (insert hysterical laughter from every one who knows me and who has ever read this blog). Shut up, I could totally do it.

I could but I did not do it. I didn't even make it to the third day. I skipped 5 days before I posted again, and that post was about football and snakes. Then I didn't post until today. That is 4 days out of 12 in the month, not even close to every day.

If they did a National Post Blogs Randomly Every Few Days Month, I could totally do that. But then most of those posts would be about my football picks. In fact, this post is about my football picks, because the fine folks at the NFL have started Thursday night games. You knew that didn't you?

I'll bet that some of my loyal readers are feeling a bit like this fine fellow

a bit put out that they were forced to wear a birthday hat for a stuffed parrot's birthday party.

For that I'm sorry, but this is my blog. I've been working on a few posts but I haven't been able to finish them so football picks it is (winners in bold and red):

Thursday Night
Chicago @ San Francisco

Atlanta @ Carolina
Tampa Bay @ Miami
Detroit @ Minnesota
Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh
Buffalo @ Tennessee
Denver @ Washington
New Orleans @ St. Louis
Jacksonville @ NY Jets
Kansas City @ Oakland
Seattle @ Arizona
Dallas @ Green Bay
Philadelphia @ San Diego
New England @ Indianapolis

Monday Night
Baltimore @ Cleveland
Combined MNF Score = 45


AmazingGreis said...

Stuffed parrotts have birthday's too! Tell the cat to suck it up and ya'll can make the parrott wear a hat for the cats BIG day.

Good luck this week!!! I'm impressed, you got your picks in on time and really early!!!

Issas Crazy World said...

I love that the cat has a hat on. Your kid just rocks.

Ann's Rants said...

First of all, Hi! I'm interviewing you for Neil's blog interview shinding (umm...not official title).

Second, congrats. You are writing when you want. I mean that.

Third of all, you will hear from me again soon with interview questions. Perhaps next week sometime.

Looking forward to reading your blog.

Ann (

Heather said...

This is great. Keep spreading out your posts. I know you are just doing it because you want your 40 heart felt comments from me to last a while.