Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bitter Rivalry

It begins at 2:30 this afternoon.

It begins on a beautiful, sunny, warm day.

It begins on a field in Evanston, IL.

And when it ends . . .

When it ends there is a very real possibility that my husband and I will not be speaking to each other.

When it ends one of us will be dancing around the room, arms raised victoriously, singing a fight song.

When it ends the other will be muttering under his (or her) breath, cursing bad calls and missed opportunities.

It is big. It is important.

It is a football game.

It is not just any football game. It is the game. It leads to bragging rights.

It is the battle of our alma maters. It is the battle of my beloved University of Wisconsin Badgers versus Frink's Northwestern Wildcats.

It is a battle between two outstanding academic institutions. It is the battle of an elitist private school versus an institution dedicated to educating the public. It is the battle of expensive versus affordable.

It is the battle of a football power versus a scrappy upstart. It is the battle of number 17 in the nation versus "that team that beat Iowa".

It is the battle of a cool, hip college town versus a college town that used to be dry. It is the battle of liberal versus conservative. It is the battle of Cheeseheads versus Flatlanders (FIBs or FISHs).

It is a battle between Bucky Badger

and Willie the Wildcat

It is a battle that Bucky will win. It is a battle in which the University of Wisconsin Badgers will emerge victorious.

On Wisconsin!

Jump Around!

(I love you Frink.)


Heather said...

Love this. I also love that your mascot has a really awesome photo where Frink's looks like a cell phone photo in a gym.

Go Renee's Team!! Unless Frink's team wins, and then Its GOOOOO Frink!

Michelle said...

Bucky is much better looking. Frink's looks like a bad version of Wile E Coyote.

MamaCarter said...

I'm bitter. M made me buy him dinner since Wisconsin lost. boo.

Kymera said...

they are the same person! :P

Dr. Frink said...

It's been 4 days, so I forget. Who won the game again???

anymommy said...

Whoo hoo!! Big Ten Football. Go Buckeyes!! I'm sorry, what was the rest of that, there are other teams in the big ten? I can't hear you ;-)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

My husband always tries to engage me in this kind of thing... But I could care less about sports. It is probably one of his biggest disappointments in life.